Koprinka Dam Posted August 2, 2013

Koprinka reservoir is one of the many beautiful man made reservoirs in Bulgaria. Its bed is located in the Rose Valley, 7 km west of the town Kazanlak. Georgy Dimitrov was the old name of the dam located 390 meters above the sea level, its length is 20 km. or even more. The reservoir is surrounded by many small arms and large bays that attract the local tourists and foreigners.

The idea of creating this kind of water facility along the river Tundja occurs at the beginning of the last century 1923. It was hart to accomplish this project, but after the end of World War II, the Ministry of construction give their support and in 1955 year this project was finished.

Язовир Копринка

The reservoir wall is used as a way to connect the northern and southern shores of the dam. The length of the wall is 610 meters and the height is 44 meters. The view that opens along the entire wall during sunrise and sunset is inspiration for photographers and local artists. Tourists traditionally greet sunsets on the wall, enjoying the amazing colors of the sky and water.

The calm waters of dam Koprinka offer wonderful opportunities for camping, vacations, water sports, picnics, long walks and sunbathing. For fishermen the reservoir offers a wide variety of fish species. This is one of the best places to catch white fish during the cold season.

Язовир Г. Димитров

Еxcept the white fish, there may be caught carp, chub, bream, bleak, maple, roach, barbel and of course catfish. People from Kazanlak and all fishermen in the district have heard of mythological stories about catfish monsters living in the depth of the reservoir. A lot of fishermen proved with their catch that the large catfish really exist.

Mega project “Sevtopolis”

Koprinka dam actually has a very interesting history associated with the popular project Sevtopolis. During 1948 year when the dam was constructed archeologists found ancient Thracian city lying on the bottom. It looks this is the only one fully explored underwater architectural complex in Bulgaria. The ancient Thracian city has a heritage filled with details about the life of the Thracians.


During archaeological excavations established that the town was also a big well fortified village surrounded on three sides by the Tonzus river (today called Tundja ). The king of this Thracian settlement was Sevt III. His castle represents large two floor building with magnificent decorations typical for the homes of Kings.

According to archaeologists the city was in economic boom, as evidenced by the board sweep of the building and the principles of urban planning. It is said that Sevt III was the first of the Thracian kings started the coinage. During the exploration of the city are found nearly 2000 coins, as half of them belongs to Sevt III.

Tracian Sevtopolis

This is a small part of the great story of the submerged city of Sevtopolis. Mega project aims at exposing ancient Odrysian capital by building a new dam wall inside the water. This wall will surround the ancient Thracian city. This is a project created by Zheko Tilev, and winning prize by UNESCO and European prize for architecture. Development aims as many tourist as its possible to reach the ancient city by boats. They would reach the restored city Svetopolis with panoramic elevators.

The tourist will have the opportunity to touch the spirit of passed era, they would enjoy the architectural genius of the Thracian king Sevt III. For now this project has the approval of the Ministry of Culture. If this project get realized it will attract about 500 000 tourist from the whole world. This can become driving force not only for the Kazanlak region, but also for Bulgaria.